$100 (Headquarter Toyota)

Llamada #9 gana una tajeta de $100 dólares cortesia de Headquarter Toyota.

Rules and Regulations

Contest Prize:
Una tarjeta AMEX de $100 dólares

Contest Prize Value:

Contest Start Date :
03 Oct 2023

Contest Start Time:

Contest End Date:
06 Oct 2023

Contest End Time:

Contest Winner Will Be Selected:
1  Daily  Winners

if on specific date : None

Stations this contest runs on::
Miami – El Zol 106.7, Miami – Ritmo 95.7, Miami – Zeta 92.3

Restricted Participants:
–  Employees or agents of (i) Sponsor(s), (ii) Co-Sponsor(s), (iii) their respective parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, (iv) their service agencies or independent contractors, and (v) other stations in the service area are not eligible to participate.
– Persons involved in the development, production, distribution of materials, or the selection of the winner for this Contest are not eligible to participate.
– Persons who are immediate family or who reside in the same house of any person who is in any of the above categories are not eligible to participate.

See Rules and Regulations

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